Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Fine May Morn on the Banks of the Schuylkill

"Song for St. Tamminy s Day." - The Old Song.

Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
What mighty achievements we hear!
While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
Although more heroic by far, my brave boys,
Although more heroic by far.

These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
As by their own stories we find;
Whilst Tammany, he fought only to free,
From cruel oppression mankind, my brave boys,
From cruel oppression mankind.

"When our country was young and our numbers were few
To our fathers his friendship was shown,
(For he e'er would oppose whom he took for his foes),
And made our misfortunes his own, my brave boys,
And he made our misfortunes his own.
"At length growing old and quite worn out with years,
As history doth truly proclaim,
His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
And flew to the skies in a flame.

More on the history of the 1st of May


Always On Watch said...

he fought only to free,
From cruel oppression mankind

Would that Americans who knew the meaning of freedom would do so today! We need to stand up for our freedom now -- or lose it forever.

A blessed celebration today, FJ.

-FJ said...

Thank you AoW.

And we need to do more than just stand up. We need to oppose what has happened to our ever dwindling freedom.

-FJ said...

...and restore expropriated liberties.

Brooke said...

I say it is already gone, and we must take it back!

-FJ said...


-FJ said...

"A Song for St. Tammany's Day.

On Schuylkill's banks how sweet to rove!
Fidelia by my side;
The nymphs and swains in every grove
Walk like bridegroom and bride.

Behold yon cott in gayest mood!
Doth cleave the silver wave;
‘Whilst boys behind each corps of wood,
Their limbs do freely lave.

The variegated hills and dales!
Are drest in lively green;
The orchards and embroider'd vales,
With richest flowers are seen.

The little lasses dance and sing!
And in the alcoves play;
All nature now is on the wing!
In all the pride of May.

Always On Watch said...

When I say "stand up," I mean do something. That something entails whatever it takes to restore America to her founding principles.

Elmers Brother said...

Hi FJ. Good to hear from you.

-FJ said...

You too, Elbro!

Kewanio che keekeru!

Warren said...

Kewanio che keekeru!

-FJ said...


Now my day is truly complete! The entire "Old Guard" has paraded past. ;)