Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Inauthenticity in the Pursuit of Authenticity

When the Ego Pursues Itself as an "Ideal", What is the Role of the Kouros?


FreeThinke said...

I wish I could relate to this kind of stuff, but it just ever seems to happen.


~ FT

Thersites said...

I posted this video to help illustrate the "emptiness" of the basic concept of "authenticity", as our mind translates all "ideas" (none of which are "original" but are all carried into our minds within the hollow "trojan horses" of language.

I know, it isn't "explicitly" stated anywhere in the video, but it is "implied"... through the refrain "they're trojans in my head".

Now one of my main objections to modernity is the aspiration of nearly all its' modern adherents to achieve "authenticity", and many do so through superficial application of tattoo's, piercings, body art, or attire (Goth) etc..... and none of this has ANYTHING to do with real "creative" authenticity, but more to do with creating "difference" and "belonging" to groups through the application of non-traditional "signifiers".

Thersites said...

I ask the question, "what is the role of the kouros" when the individual, and not society, establishes the "ideal" upon which the Ego attempts to form. The answer is, a bunch of misguided attempts at achieving "authenticity".