Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today's "New" Communism


FreeThinke said...

I don't care if Zizek calls himself a "communist" or not. I just love the guy, because he's so ALIVE and so obviously earnest and sincere. He doesn't want to DOMINATE or PONTIFICATE, he wants to EXPLORE possibilities. I don't see him as "doctrinaire" at all.

We could use a great deal more of his band of openness and honest curiosity.

I have to say too, the British interviewer is markedly superior to any of his American counterparts. It always delights me to hear the language enunciated clearly, beautifully and properly with an appropriate degree of dignity.

-FJ said...

As you can tell by all of my postings, I like him too. Especially since his status as a member of the Left gives him access and influence upon a growing number of younger Leftists. Who knows, maybe there's hope for "reasonable" Leftism in the future.