Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Breaking Symmetry

'Tis Opposites -- entice --
Deformed Men -- ponder Grace --
Bright fires -- the Blanketless --
The Lost -- Day's face --

The Blind -- esteem it be
Enough Estate -- to see --
The Captive -- strangles new --
For deeming -- Beggars -- play --

To lack -- enamor Thee --
Tho' the Divinity --
Be only
Me --
- Emily Dickinison


FreeThinke said...

Hmmmm. I thought I at least had a nodding acquainted with all of Emily's work, but this one somehow escaped my attention.

Depend on YOU to ferret it out. ;-)

She did not write in a 'centered' style. Her sketchy sprawling manuscripts in spidery handwriting show no tendency in that direction. The computer has encouraged many of us to gravitate toward that format, but it's astonishing the way her words fit the symmetrical pattern so well they taper perfectly to a point at the bottom of the piece.

Looks rather like a vase minus a base, doesn't it?

Conscious on her part, or unconscious? We'll never now for sure.

Thersites said...
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