Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Busker's Art

h/t - Finntan
I was one of the only few
Standing still
Listening to the busker
Watching him entertain
In his own world
He was on a stage
In the grandest stadium

It was as I listened
And looked around
At those walking past
Dropping some change off
Or like me
Standing and listening
I thought about being the busker
I thought about what
Is going through his mind
I thought about what
I would be thinking
If I was the busker

The pavement is soon to be crowded
As the lunch time office folk
Go for a walk
Some to get their lunch
Some to sneak an embrace
With that co-worker they stare at all day

I have a prime spot today
Plenty of shops around
Plenty of the right sorts of people
Those who after buying a new shirt
A gift or some shoes
May get rid of some of that cumbersome metal
By adding it to my collection

Though I seek the lighter form of currency
I can’t be picky
I will settle for what’s on offer

All sorts of people walk by
The labourers
Building new offices
The people who will sit in there
With their shirts and ties
Walk by
Women in their heels and fancy suits
Join them
Look at that girl with the pretty pink heels
And tight business suit
Oh to swap this unclean street
For the clean office
Just to see you swivel around in your chair
Beautiful legs and flowing hair

A couple go for lunch
A group go for lunch
At the Indian restaurant across the road
The couple
Go into the Thai place

Their wallets may leave a tip
For the waiters they see
My wallet is empty
Hoping they will ignore the waiter
And leave the tip for me

Not far down from where I play
I see a fellow on the footpath
Seen him a few times before
He paints Caravaggio and Raphael
Seems like his work is more appreciated
More people stop to take a look
More people stop to give change
Guess the eyes are more generous than the ears
For the eyes have money to give
The ears have nothing to spare

All these people walk by
Some give a sigh
Obviously I am not to their liking
Some give coins just cos I try

What a meaningless way to live
Trying hard
Trying to please
And people simply walk by
Not a care in the world
For what I do
James Dylan. "Busker Poem"


Z said...

He's sure way better than the average busker! VERY good. Although they can be pretty darned good. We don't have them around here.
panhandlers, yes, but I'm guessing 'busker' would involve some talent in exchange for a tip?
interesting blog...thanks, FJ

-FJ said...

The busker's "tale" lies at the beginning of the video... I suspect it's also the 'reason" he's so good... playing for "tips only" (then), and huge concert halls (now).

Thanks for dropping by, Z!

FreeThinke said...

Lot of fun, but one helluva way to make a living.

Read about "Joshua Bell in the New York Subway System," if up need any more proof that "the masses are asses."

FreeThinke said...

Long ago Charles Laoghton and Vivien Leigh made a touching, deeply affecting movie about the true nature of Love using Buskers v. Legitimate Theater as the colorful background.

The film is called Streets of London. It is shown all too infrequently on Turner classic Movies. I highly recommend it.

Laughton, as always, is unfailingly magnificent.