Saturday, June 6, 2015

Deep South

The Photography of Sally Mann
“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
― Ansel Adams


Gert said...

”My Flashplayer is outdated and I blame the Hippies. As a matter of principle I’ve decided to let the Bad Guys win. So there…”


-FJ said...

Yes, tech can be frustrating.

FreeThinke said...

Tell me do these photos feature mildew on the magnolias, burning crosses, lynchings, emaciated victims of pelagra and rotted "nigger shacks," or do they depict the faded glory of white-columned plantation houses with peeling paint, arching avenues of ancient oaks hung thick with Spanish moss, gnarled wisteria vines in bloom over tumbled down garden follies, beds of muti-colored camellias, and the decrepit remains of Southern Gentry dazedly sipping mint juleps in creaky wooden rockers on rotting verandahs, while happy, child-like darkies serenade them with spirituals in four-part harmony as they pick cotton in the blazing sun?

Or are we treated to the sights of modern Atlanta where hopped up degenerates insolently display their sloth and militantly unproductive lifestyles in parks and public squares, and myriad, markedly foreign elements and exotic influences increasingly dominate the scene?

Perhaps Ms. Mann has featured dreary views of proliferating, standardized, desperately unattractive tract houses, "townhomes," factories and Industrial Parks to show how much "The Modern South" has progressed since "enlightened" Northern and International influences came to dominate the region?

You see what happens? "Letting the Bad Guys Win'" gives flight to the wicked powers of unfettered imagination, fading memory and wild conjecture that very possibly may be more entertaining than the tedious offerings Grim Reality may deign to afford. };-]>

Gert said...

It's burning crosses and strange fruit all the way, FT! ;-)

The Absolute Marxist said...

You could also follow the hard link in the original thread and discover the answer for yourself, without having to load a Flashplayer. No imagination needed. ;)

Gert said...

Analyse this, Zizek, the The Medusa Touch.

Gert said...

Bob’s piggybank contains n £ coins. 6 are English £ coins, the rest are Scottish £ coins.

Bob takes out one random £ coin and sets it aside. He then takes out another random £ coin and sets it aside too. If the chance that both £ coins were English is 1/3, how many £ coins (n) were in the piggybank originally?

-FJ said...

Che vois?Fantasy is intersubjective. It is only produced by the interaction between subjects. However specific a fantasy may be to an individual, the fantasy itself is always a product of an intersubjective situation. It is a mask of the inconsistency in the big Other.

When we submut to the big Other, we sacrifice direct access to our bodies and, instead, are condemned to an indirect relation with it via the medium of language.. So whereas before we enter into language we are what Zizek terms "pathological" subjects (the subject that he notatesd by the figure 'S') after we are immersed in language we are what he refers to as 'barred' subjects (the empty subject he notates with the figure $). What is barred from the barred subject is preceisely the body as materialization, or incarnation, of enjoyment. Material enjoyment is strictly at odds with, or heterogeneous to, the immaterial order of the signifier.

In order for the subject to enter the Symbolic Order, then, the Real of enjoyment or jouissance has to be evacuated from it. Which is another way of saying that the advent of the symbol entails 'the murder of the thing'.

What the fantasy of a sexual scenario conceals is the impossibility of a sexual relationship. It covers up the lack in the big Other, the missing jouissance.

Zizek avers that fantasy is a way for subjects to organize their jouissance - it is a way to manage or domesticate the traumatic loss of the enjoyment which cannot be Symbolized.

-Tomy Meyers, "Slavoj Zizek"

So, che vuois?

And Scotland doesn't mint Pound coins.

FreeThinke said...

The mind of the dreamer
_____ is a secret storehouse
__________wherein may dwell
_______________ all youthful fond illusion ––
The embryo of each utterance of hope ––
_____ each word of comfort ––
__________ and each song of joy.

The mind of the cynic
_____ is a well-known asylum
__________ wherein lies disenchantment ––
_______________ destruction and despair ––
The insidious, lisping voice of the serpent.

O, foolish Man! Why choose strife,
_____ when only what you choose to dwell upon
__________ has life?

~ FreeThinke, c. 1960

FreeThinke said...
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convergentsum said...

Gert: is that the question everyone's been going on about? Not seen the story itself, is it that people deem this too hard for GCSE?

Gert said...

Gert: is that the question everyone's been going on about? Not seen the story itself, is it that people deem this too hard for GCSE?

Hey and I thought I had scrambled pretty well! :-(

Gert said...

'scrambled it'

-FJ said...

Oh you Modern's... ;)

FreeThinke said...

The loss of English among the English Speaking Peoples is tragic.

__________ Gobbledygook __________

Blatherskite balabash chim chim cheree!
Snoggadirm underswill gacklong tra lee.
Vi vila varmit -- plikus pigoo.
Snarkim mazoodags babblous skidoo.
Noxim de flairgrums -- pussi galore.
Tartabulations haddelius glagohr.
Werdix prepostruss misledousta froom.
Gaga magottial onderdinck's glume.

~ Spitback Hobbledehoy

-FJ said...


-FJ said...


Jen Brimmage said...

recently heard Terry Gross interview Sally Mann. Of course the conversation focused mainly on or set of photos that included her children, naked outdoors. I think that group is called immediate family. Sally Mann seemed irritated that Terry Gross was only interested in talking about photos that are over 20 years old. But it's hard to feel sorry for Sally Mann. The photos are definitely what I would consider better kept private I think that you can definitely combine family photos and fine art, but whether they should be shown to the world at large is another question.

-FJ said...

As I said previously at your place Jen, "Some forms of property are alienated and meant to circulate. Other forms do not."

Sometimes "others" only see our 'object' and deny the 'subject'. The internal "taboo's" and corresponding mental "repressions" derived from and inherent to "subjectivity" are not in place (corresponding to the S vs. $ in language).

-FJ said...