Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some Clowning Around is Nothing to Get Hysterical About

...the question of "Che vuoi?" defines the position of hysteria. The hysteric is never clear what the Other wants and is therefore always plagued by a kind of self-doubt, manifest in a recurrent questioning. In a straightforward hysteria the subject believes that what the Other wants from him or her is love. In obsessional neurosis, which is a sub-set of hysteria, the subject believes that what the Other wants is work, and so the obsessional devotes him or herself to frentic activity... Despite its everyday associations with so-called sexual deviancy, perversion is also a technical term that the Lacanian psychoaalysis uses to designate a certainty that a subject knows what the Other wants. The pervert is therefore defined by a lack of questioning. He or she is convinced of the meaning of the desire of the Other.
- Tom Meyers, "Slavoj Zizek"


Jen said...

So are you a pervert or a hysteric?

p.s. keep the clowns coming.

-FJ said...

In some cases I'm a pervert, but in most, an hysteric! I can't figure out what the "Other" wants from me, unless he's paying me to do it, and so I try not to "obsess" over it. ;)

Stanley Kowalski said...