Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Co-Dependence* Day!

*Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.[1] Among the core characteristics of codependency, the most common theme is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and identity.
from Wikipedia

Anybody sensing a theme here?


Always On Watch said...

Can America really be "great" again?

Thersites said...

Not if we "stay the course". It's obvious after eight years that Obama had NO answers to the problems of economic neoliberalism, and was happy to throw us under the UN/NGO bus.

Thersites said...

No, what we need, is a montage!

Thersites said...

There's one!

Thersites said...

...but it's probably from the wrong movie. :(

nicrap said...

The discussion reminds me of a really grand passage from Catch-22:

‘America,’ he said, ‘will lose the war. And Italy will win it.’
‘America is the strongest and the most prosperous nation on Earth,’ Nately informed him with lofty fervor and dignity. ‘And the American fighting man is second to none.’
‘Exactly,’ agreed the old man pleasantly, with a hint of taunting amusement. ‘Italy, on the other hand, is one of the least prosperous nations on earth. And the Italian fighting man is probably second to all. And that’s exactly why my country is doing so well in this war while your country is doing so poorly.’
Nately guffawed with surprise, then blushed apologetically for his impoliteness. ‘I am sorry i laughed at you,’ he said sincerely, and he continued in a tone of respectful condescension. ‘But Italy was occupied by the Germans and is now being occupied by us. You don’t call that doing very well, do you?’
‘But of course i do,’ exclaimed the old man cheerfully. ‘The Germans are being driven out, and we are still here. In a few years you will be gone, too, and we will still be here. You see, Italy is really a very poor and weak country, and that’s what makes us so strong. Italian soldiers are not dying anymore. But American and German soldiers are. I call that doing extremely well. Yes, i am quite certain that Italy will survive this war and still be in existence long after your own country has been destroyed.’
Nately could scarcely believe his years. He had never heard sucjh shocking blasphemies before, and he wondered with instinctive logic why G-men did not appear to lock the traitorous old man up. ‘America is not going to be destroyed!’ he shouted passionately.
‘Never?’ prodded the old man softly.
‘Well...’ Nately faltered.
The old man laughed indulgently, holding in check a deeper, more explosive delight. His goading remained gentle. ‘Rome was destroyed. Greece was destroyed. Persia was destroyed. Spain was destroyed. All great countries are destroyed. Why not yours? How much longer do you really think your own country will last? Forever? Keep in mind that the earth itself is destined to be destroyed by the sun in twenty-five million years or so.’
Natley squirmed uncomfortably. ‘Well, forever is a long time, i guess.’
‘A million years?’ persisted the old man with keen, sadistic zest. ‘A half-million? The frog is almost five hundred million years old. Could you say with much certainty that America, with its fighting man that is second to none, and with its standard of living that is highest in the world, will last as long as ... the frog?’

-FJ said...

I suppose that even "greatness" lies in the eye of the beholder, meaning one thing to you and another to me. To me, it's peace and prosperity. To others, it's Empire and world leadership. To still others, it may simply mean "persistence".

FreeThinke said...

Joseph Heller was a hateful cynic typical of his kind and a rotten influence on young people. The same is true of J.D. Salinger, E.L Doctorow, Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and all their depressing, dispiriting ilk.

nicrap said...

What makes a country great, would you say, fj? The many, or a select few (a handful, really)?

nicrap said...

That's true of most all books, FT. Very few books are really worth reading, and then they ought to be read and re-read constantly. But what would you? You can't go about censuring others.

nicrap said...

Above: Censoring not censuring.

Gert said...

"You can't go about censoring others."

Oh but in FT's version of 'Great America' you could and would. Possibly interning half the "Librhul traitors" (Americans FT disagrees with) too, cos' "unamerican"...

'Fascism comes as a friend first...'

-FJ said...

What makes a country great, would you say, fj? The many, or a select few (a handful, really)?

Since peace and prosperity are my criterion for greatness, I'd have to say "both". The "few" would likely establish the initial conditions by which the "many" might live in peace and prosperity through emulation. But unless the many "follow" (emulate the few), neither peace nor prosperity would likely be possible.

Trevor Armbuster said...

What makes a country great? People who have good will, and are allowed by their leaders to be free to use their abilities to make a better life for themselves without harming anyone else.

FreeThinke said...


FT can believe and assert anything he wants to, –– and will continue to do so, as long as God allows him to function.

What FT has NEVER done, despite his vigorous positive tone when expressing his convictions, is make even the slightest suggestion that others must or should be coerced into accepting FT's views without question or pause.

FT only reserves the right to STATE his views unequivocally for the consideration of others without being censored, censured, insulted, or otherwise bullied and maligned.

FT does not like to argue.

He happily leaves that for others to do, even though he views the practice as lamentable and largely a waste of time. };^)>

IN ADDITION: FT does not appreciate having evil motives ascribed to him by spiteful, intolerant, sour-mouthed, conceited, compulsively-unpleasant bigots, and acrimonious individuals of any sort.

Gert said...

FT censors HEAVILY on his own blog.

FT is the biggest 'free speech' hypocrite I've seen in MANY years (in the blogosphere, at least).

FT is all too happy to dish it but cannot take it. He insults those who disagree with him with a vociferousness rarely seen, even in the open sewers of the Tinkerwebs.

FT can seriously go f*ck himself.

And please don't get me started on FT's rancid views on Da Jooooos. Classic Anti-Semitism (TM) isn't dead and FT is an enthusiastic torch bearer for it, rivalled perhaps only by the brain dead of The Daily Stormer.

I'll give him credit for one thing: he doesn't do things by halves.

Trevor Armbuster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FreeThinke said...

In the mood for a feud, are we, Gertie, baby?

I'm not, and never am, but while we're at it just for the record: I don't just THINK you are a bilious, ill-tempered kvetch, I KNOW it for an absolute fact.

All that means is that I want nothing whatsoever to do with you.

As is always the case with leftists spoiling for a fight you naturally assume, when negative views are aired in a general context, they simply must pertain to you. That also seems to be characteristic of far too many paranoid Jews. Captious, conceited, self-absorbed, arrogant pricks of any and all varieties usually respond to stimuli that way. "Taking Umbrage" is their stock-in-trade.

Well, I don't need to tell you what you can do with your umbrage.

Oh and by the way, how I run my blog is no one's business but mine, got that, Gertie boy?

That's another hallmark of self-righteus leftists –– and by coincidence of obnoxious, presumptuous Jews –– they always assert a non-existent right to catechize, chastise, counsel, correct and condemn others, because that is ALL they are good for –– endless castigation fueled by affected indignation.

Needless to say a fractious, nettlesome bastard like you would never be welcome at my place, Gertie-poo, so kindly FUCK OFF, and stay the hell away from me.

convergentsum said...

Funny, from what little I know of him (only from this blog) I've seen Gert respond crossly to only one person; whereas FreeThinke has responded angrily to pretty much everyone he interacts with at some point.

FreeThinke said...


We've just been introduced,
You look to me like hell,
But when your VICTIMS CRIED
Something drew me to your side.

So many men and girls,
It made me think we might be
Similarly occupied.

On a bright cloud of FURY shall we fly?
Shall we then say "Goodnight and mean "Goodbye"?
When the last little star has left the sky,
Shall we still be together
With FISTS FLAILING AT each other
On the clear understanding
That this kind of thing can happen,
Shall we FIGHT?
Shall we FIGHT?
Shall we FIGHT?

~ with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II };^)>