Saturday, August 27, 2016

Appearances vs Realities

The Decline of Acta non Verba Virtuosity


FreeThinke said...

LOVE this!

Smart, clean, direct, true, clearly to the point, and the point is frankly SUPERB –– exactly wha society needs, if it could eve hope to heal itself.

Essentially it boils down to "Don't talk the talk, instead walk the walk."

I'm a great believer n charity and munificence e as big as is exercised privately, quietly and on a small intimate person-to-person scale.

If I told you precisely what I have done for others and all the sacrifices I have made over the years, I would appear self-righteous, and worse –– I would betray the principles by which I try to live.

Thanks for the pleasant surprise. ;-)

FreeThinke said...

Although it seems the myths of Weems

And Bowdler's thoughts were nasty,

The finest seams sewn up in dreams 

Tear with iconoclasty.

Construction sought begins as naught

But someone's fondest wish.

We'd better praise uplifting Thought

Than treat it like spoilt fish!

~ FT

FreeThinke said...

________ The Enemy of Charity ________

The pressure others to reform is great.
Whoever won't conform inspires hate.

An Ethos prevalent demands adherence,
Or at least be lent a feigned sincere appearance.

No one will tolerate what he despises,
So, he'll berate who otherwise advises.

The Bowels of Belief is where we live
Where challenge never has Relief to give.

Parochialism jails, and then it smothers
Conformity impales, then kills all others.

Most people fail to see this work all ways,
And so the Blight will kill till end of days.

~ FT

FreeThinke said...

Why do so many avoid their best goals

By choosing, instead, to swallow live coals?

What is more dismal than worthy endeavour?

Why carping, of course, and complaining forever!

Why consume precious time others reviling,

When you might, instead, make yourself more beguiling?

Self-immolation is good for your soul,

But captiousness ruins your chance to be whole.

Swallow live coals, and cause yourself grief.

'Tis from your own store that you play the thief.

The passing parade exhibits much folly.

Don't add to it, Bub, instead try acting jolly.

~ FT

FreeThinke said...

____________ DIAGNOSIS ____________

Stopping Racism today is now believed
No harm, but only good could ever do ––
Of Paramount Importance. –– We’ve deceived
Innumerable millions, brought them to
The point where kicking over all the traces
A counterfeit Altruism now prevails:
Zig zags must be viewed as straight, so races
Ill-informed may proudly fill their sails ––
Reject all hope of Mental Elevation ––
Enjoy, instead, White Perquisites unearned ––
Given –– by “The Rich,” whose education,
Goading them to see all Privilege spurned,
Informed them they should not be what they are.
Now, Prehistoric Depths loom not so far.

~ FreeThinke

-FJ said...

You're most certainly inspired, FT. Marvelous!

-FJ said...

Now I simply MUST denounce that bloviating b*stard, Donald Trump! Ciao!

-FJ said...


FreeThinke said...

I liked Joan Miro and Elma Mitchell's interpretation of the story of Jesus and the women about to be stoned for adultery very much.

And now I have one more Inspirational Gift for you. It took me all day to ferret it out from my unorganized files of verse.

FreeThinke said...

_________ FINDING FUN _________

It's easier to bitch than stitch,

It's easier to whine than mine.

It's easier to make noise than to exhibit poise.

It's easier to say "I'm fucked," than to construct.

To sit in the gutter counting your woes

In shit-caked jeans with a runny nose

Ranting in puddles of frozen piss

Demonstrates only that something's amiss.

So, in the bleak winter 

Go shovel some snow ––

...... Cheer up the aged

...... And those who are caged
..... Some joy you might find

...... If you read to the blind
..... Don't play the whore,

...... Instead scrub the floor

Now get up and go!

In summer, each lazy laddie

And each slothful lass

Should get off their ass 

And go mow the grass.

Don't pout and make wishes

Just go wash the dishes.

If you need to find labor,

Go help your neighbor.

Demanding is easy

Producing is hard

Protests are sleazy

Thus saith The Bard.

~ FT

____________ EPILOGUE


There's always something you can do.

Don't succumb to feeling blue.

Salvation lies through helping others

Not thinking you deserve your druthers.

Never worry. Never fear.

Just do your best to spread good cheer.

Needed work is never done

Effort's where we find our fun.

And if you're old, and stuck at home,

You can always write a poem!

~ FT

Thersites said...


FreeThinke said...

And if find your mind in fog
Sinking fast into a bog
For Heaven's Sake DON'T start a BLOG!