Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Power of Nightmares

My impoverished muse, alas! What have you for me this morning?
Your empty eyes are stocked with nocturnal visions,
In your cheek's cold and taciturn reflection,
I see insanity and horror forming.

The green succubus and the red urchin,
Have they poured you fear and love from their urns?
The nightmare of a mutinous fist that despotically turns,
Does it drown you at the bottom of a loch beyond searching?

I wish that your breast exhaled the scent of sanity,
That your womb of thought was not a tomb more frequently
And that your Christian blood flowed around a buoy that was rhythmical,

Like the numberless sounds of antique syllables,
Where reigns in turn the father of songs,
Phoebus, and the great Pan, the harvest sovereign.
- Charles Baudelaire, "The Sick Muse"


FreeThinke said...

Its NOT a fantasy. The threat is all too real.

But it's REAL source are the humorless intellectual morons who over-analyze basically harmless phenomena and suggest there is great harm in charmingly inane Esther Williams movies from the 1940's.

These ANALYSTS are the AUTHORS and PROMULGATORS of our greatest fears.

This is the Jew View –– an INFECTION –– that is at the heart of all that is has gone terribly wrong.

FreeThinke said...

_____ O What Is That Sound _____

WH Auden (1907-1973)


O yes, dear friends, it is coming, coming.
But whatever will be the source?

Will it be the Muslims, Muslims?
Or day traders at the Bourse?

We know it might be the Marxists,
The Marxists on a Pale Horse.

Perhaps it will be the false Christians
Who'd nail sinners they hate to a Cross?

Perhaps it will be the Perverts, Perverts?
The Gays who've been gathering force?

Perhaps it will be our elders, elders
Whose minds have been gathering moss?

Perhaps it will be the young lovers, lovers
Who cavort in the bracken and gorse?

O we know it is coming, coming,
But we cannot acknowledge the source.

Perhaps it might be you and me?
Yes! Who else could it be, of course?

~ FreeThinke

Thersites said...

You don't buy it? It's only the "but for the neocons, it could hvae been avoided" argument that I don't buy.