Sunday, October 29, 2017

Le Danse Macabre


Always On Watch said...

My kind of music.

I often walk on the dark side.

Beantown AntiFacist said...

Happy Halloween!

FreeThinke said...

_______ All Hallows Eve _______

Trick or treating, barren branches claw
On rooftops ‘gainst the biting Autumn air.
Jack O’Lantern flickers. Would he gnaw
An arm away, or set aflame the hair ––
Conspicuously real above the masks ––
Kindling Kindergartners at the door?
Only Satan’s own perform such tasks,
Leering, lisping, limping as to war.
Awake! All Hallows Eve lets loose the ghosts.
No one escapes the Grave for long. Be wise.
The Jack O’Lanterns flicker on the posts ––
Each one a sentry for the Lord of Flies.
Run home to mother lest the Evil One
NABS you, while you THINK you’re having fun.

~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996

FreeThinke said...

A perennial favorite Danse Macabre manages to make eerie –– even menacing –– themes delightfully thrilling and entertaining. And that is EXACTLY wha Saint-Saens intended. Much of his music is filled woth whimsy, and is meant to be taken lightly.

Here's a magnificent performance of Liszt's transcription of the piece for solo piano with added touches by Vladimir Horowitz.

It's as fine an exhibition of finely honed piano virtuosity as you are ever likely to encounter.



FreeThinke said...

Oh WOW! I just got around to listening to your video, Farmer. I didn't realize it was yet-another "special" arrangement of Saint Saens' orchestral masterpiece.

I think I like this red-haired viruoso violinist and her equally gifted accompanist even better than the original. The dancer wasn't half bad either. In fact the whole production was INSPIRED on every level and in every detail.

It's very unusual for players to perform music of this kind from memory –– particularly piano accompaniments. It certainly added a great deal to the abundant theatrical flair and aura of reckless abandon in the playing.

Do you happen to know the names of these artists? They are absolutely first rate, world-class. The red hair, and slim graceful figure of the violinist makes the whole effect even more stunning.

What a rare combination of beauty, brains and talent!


Beantown AntiFacist said...

Chloe Trevor and Jonathan Tsey. I agree, they're very talented. :)

Rational Nation USA said...

Outstanding performance and artistry. Excellent post for this day of the year! Bravo FJ.

Joe Conservative said...

Thanks, RN.

FreeThinke said...

__________________ OFF-TOPIC NOTICE __________________

I've posted the classic Frank Capra film MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON in its entirety at my blog this morning.

Even if you've already seen it more than once, I highly recommend seeing it again. I must have watched it eight or ten times at least, yet I always get more out of it with each repeated showing.

It's a wonderful evocation of Corruption at its worst daunted and ultimately defeated by passionate, courageous Idealism, –– and the way it portrays the MEDIA is beyond brilliant.

Mr. Smith was made in 1939 yet its message is timeless. Seventy-eight years after it debuted we learn it is, indeed true that "THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, THE MORE THEY REMAIN THE SAME"

Always On Watch said...

Nabbed for Halloween 2018 -- with thanks to you, FJ.

Joe Cameltoe said...

I think I've seen Mr. Smith half a dozen times, FT. I'll pass, this time.

...and to AoW, I look forward to a reprised viewing.

FreeThinke said...

I would have welcomed any comments you might have had on Mr. Smith, whether you watched it at my blog or not, Joe. I saw on TCM just a couole of nughts ago, and became more acdtuely aware than ever of its incredible greatness and significance.

That said, dont you think it's time to admit that this Dance of Death, marvellous as it is, has effectively died? };^)>


FreeThinke said...

Mussorgsky's Night On Bald Mointain is another great symphonic tone poem that suits the mood of Halloween very well. Dsney's treament in Fantasia is unforgettable.

I've read that when FANTASIA debuted at Radio City Music Hall, a great many kids in the audience were so scared by the Mussorgsky that the Music Hall had to reupholster most of the seats in house after Fantasia comleted its run.

The kids lterally had the piss scared out of them!

FreeThinke said...

The only ghost I ever saw
Was dressed in mechlin, —so;
He wore no sandal on his foot,
And stepped like flakes of snow.
His gait was soundless, like the bird,
But rapid, like the roe;
His fashions quaint, mosaic,
Or, haply, mistletoe.

Hi conversation seldom,
His laughter like the breeze
That dies away in dimples
Among the pensive trees.
Our interview was transient, —
Of me, himself was shy;
And God forbid I look behind
Since that appalling day!

~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

FreeThinke said...


President Trump addressed the Suth Korean Assembly last night. I saw the whole thing, and was greatly heartened by it.

If you missed it, and would like to catch up, a video of the entire 40-minute speech is now posted at my blog.

Aside from the arrival of Minxy at the AOW Household, the president's speech last night is by far the best thing out. I highly recommend it.

FreeThinke said...

We haven't seen you in a long while, Farmer. I hope you are well?

It is unlike you to let so much time elapse between posting new items.

Usually, we can' begin to catch up with you on that regard.

At any rate, please be well. We need you.

Joe Cameltoe said...

Sorry, FT, been busy taking care of Mrs. Farmer. She had ankle surgery in late Oct and can't place any weight on her left foot for the next six weeks, confining her largely to bed... so I've got all her chores keeping me busy. Things should get back to normal around Christmas time. I don't expect to get around to my normal routine until then.

FreeThinke said...

I'm sorry both of you have to endure such an experience. I'll put you in my ever-expanding list of those who need prayer and an extra measure of good will and best wishes.

It sounds as though Thanksgiving may be extra quiet for you this year, but here's hoping you both will be able to enjoy a very merry Christmas with great prospects for a wonderful new year.

Please give Mrs Farmer my very best regards.

Beantown AntiFacist said...

Will do, FT. I'll be around in spirit, anyway! ;)

Always On Watch said...


I know people who have been through that surgery, FJ!

No fun for the patient or the caregiver!

My best to Mrs. Farmer.

Jen said...

I hope she heals well!

Joe Conservative said...

Yep, that's her scooter! :)

Thanks for all the well wishes, friends!