Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Conservative Speech Banned in the UK


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-FJ said...

Indeed. The site is "blocked" by the censor here.

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FreeThinke said...

Despite his VILE cockney accent, I LOVE Tommy Robinson.

IF there is any hope for freedom to maintain one's ethnic and cultural identity, it lies in the hands of sincere, courageous warm-hearted people like Tommy Robinson and these brave, good-natured young people he talked with in these two interviews.

I was sorry no one mentioned Michael Savage having been BANNED from ever trying even to VISIT England again.

Rule, Britannia. my ass!
Britons latterly are now made slaves.


I do wonder,nowever, how Tommy Robinson is still permitted to walk free and tape these interviews?

Now that Britain –– uh pardon me the (p)UK(e) –– has transformer herself into a Stalinist Dictatorshit I suppose it's only a matter of time before Tommy –– and anyone who dares speak publicy in favor of conservative views –– is arrested and incarcerated inone of the New re-education centers the British goverment is surely building.

Patriots go to jail, while terrorists remain free to do their worst.

How long before Westminster Abbey us turned into a mosque?

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