Friday, September 28, 2018

The New Epistocracy

...and Now, a Modern Sweet-Shop Owner asks...
...Did you get your degree (episteme) from Veritas U or Social Justice U?


Franco Aragosta said...

I don't want to waste any of my waning energies ARGUING against the sophistic assertions of ANY Leftist. All such encounters quickly degenerate to little but wars of ATTRITION.

ATTRITION is a major weapon of the Left. They WEAR YOU DOWN with endless, pointless questions and insincere "challenges" –– a fruitless, essentially worthless pursuit. It's form of BULLYING.

"Social Justice" –– a code term for the establisment of MARXISM as a respectable alternative to Capitalism –– is SHIT–– pure and simple –– SHIT. PERIOD!

As I approach my 78th birthday, I think I am by now entitled to say that I KNOW my own MIND and TRUST what I have learned from six decades of Observation and Experience.

Giving Equal Time to Satanic Sophists preaching Alienation and Sedition has all but destroyed the USA as founded.

At this stage of my life I am miitantly opposed to MENTAL MASTURBATION, which is what concepts of the sort presented by Heidt is. Better to pursue something of practical value, or the production and heightened appreciation of of "Ideal Beauty and Grace" than to waste precious time with endless psychobabble or sociological palaver.

-FJ said...

Perseverance is also a virtue, an offshoot of courage.