Wednesday, March 6, 2019



Franco Aragosta said...

Red ad Gteen – the colors of CHRISTMAS –– THE most joyful, ebullient, effervescent time of the year –– considered OPPRESSIVE, DEPRESSING –– even MORBID?

How weird!

I see loneliness, a haunting sense of disconnectedness, decadence –– even ISOLATION –– in the painting.

I've been there in my feckless youth when I was alone in The City, stayed up too late, went into low-class all-night eateries, still hoping to find satisfactory companionship because I didn't want to go home and stare at four walls, then having at last to face the futility in failure.

I rather like the rich brownish-red colorof the walls. It is the too-strong, harsh, uncompromsing LIGHTING in the room –– and the degraded condition of the customers passed out at the tables –– that creates the aura of desoltation –– NOT the colors, themselves.

The cafe could be warm, inviting, –– even charming –– with a different set of customers –– animated, gay, fully alive –– and cozier, more intimate lightiing.

Franco Aragosta said...

Reminds me a lot of the work of American painter Edward Hopper who I just discovered was raised in Nyack, New York of allp laces in comfortable circumstances.