Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reading the Letters

CAUTION - Disturbing Images


Always On Watch said...

Finally finding time to watch this video. I hadn't before seen this particular one.

I didn't know until now how fast they fell, nor did I know how many had jumped!

How can so many Americans have decided that 9/11 should be "put behind us"?

Many who witness the falling bodies had to retire on mental disability. I personally know of one member of the Secret Service who had to retire early. She couldn't get the image of exploding heads on the sidewalk out of her mind. If I recall correctly, she was standing behind glass doors in Tower 7, and only the glass prevent her from getting spattered by blood, bone, and brains.


I do not fault the jumpers for what they did. They decided to die at the hands of somebody other than evil terrorists.

Speedy G said...

Ten seconds... ten. It's hard to imagine.

<*shakes head*

Z said...

I had hoped they'd become unconscious very soon but learned shortly after 9/11 that it wasn't the case. I can't watch this too long; obviously, they are the worst scenes from that awful day...I think so, anyway.
Am substitute teaching now (loving it) and asked the kids (who the school had wear names of victims on their shirts, on sticky name tags) if they'd have jumped; most of them said they would have. Only one in the 15 in the group felt this was an 'inside deal' and 'only explosives could have brought the towers down'. I was tremendously gratified when the other 14 rolled their eyes at me as if he was NUTS.

Speedy G said...

I haven't heard of any skydivers ever being rendered "unconscious" unless they were jumping from oxygen deprived altitudes... but I suppose it COULD happen.

And I'm glad to learn that at least 14/15ths of your students have enough on the ball to successfully apply Occam's razor!