Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another View from the Left

On the Root Causes of the Current Economic Crises
...because Marxists critiques are so "very rare" in academia today....NOT!


Z said...

I watched enough and had to shut it off......skipped forward and got even more ticked off. MAN. Who EVER thought capitalism would be so maligned. I pictured professors all over the world doing this exact presentation to idiot kids who suck it up like babies to their milk bottles.
and then they vote.
Good line about pillows to Grandma's face at my place to Beamish. perfectly appropriate. man, what has gotten into HIM?

Happy Thanksgiving, Z

-FJ said...

I agree, who knew that these psycho profs had been spreading this nonsense for so many years?

And I wish I knew.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Z!