Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Secular Search for Meaning in the Heart of Universal Humanism

Exhortations to virtue?... or mischief?
Those interpreters who see Antigone as the proto-Christian figure are right: in her unconditional commitment she follows a different ethics that points towards Christianity (...)- why? Christianity introduces into the global balanced order of eunomia a principle totally foreign to it, a principle that measured by the standards of the pagan cosmology, cannot but appear as a monstrous distortion: the principle according to which each individual has an immediate access to universality (of the Holy Spirit, or today, of human rights and freedom) - I can participate in this universal dimension directly, irrespective of my special place within the global social order.
- Slavoj Zizek, "Living in the End Times"

Equality of access bypassing/ trumping social orders of "rank" and thereby undermining all notions of 'authority', be they by nature derived from education, experience or birth.


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Nickleback really sucks.

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In this particular case, I'm forced to agree with you.