Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mapping Man in the City, the City in Man

One Man is an Individual, Many Men, a City
Shouldn't a City's 'Functional' Parts Therefore Consist of the Equivalent Parts Found in A Man?
Part II

We may now divide this art of measurement into two parts; placing in the one part all the arts which measure the relative size or number of objects, and in the other all those which depend upon a mean or standard. Many accomplished men say that the art of measurement has to do with all things, but these persons, although in this notion of theirs they may very likely be right, are apt to fail in seeing the differences of classes—they jumble together in one the 'more' and the 'too much,' which are very different things. Whereas the right way is to find the differences of classes, and to comprehend the things which have any affinity under the same class.
- Plato, "Statesman"
The Cortical Homunculus
Source of Man's Feelings of Anthropocosmos

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