Monday, March 23, 2015

Subjective Physics

Problems arise from not understanding the limits of objectivity in scientific research, especially when results are generalized. Given that the object selection and measurement process are typically subjective, when results of that subjective process are generalized to the larger system from which the object was selected, the stated conclusions are necessarily biased.
from Wikipedia


FreeThinke said...

Every one of us is a prisoner of his own unique perceptions. The very concept of "objectivity" is hopelessly flawed, because –– to put it in the vernacular –– "There ain't no such animal."

What we like to think we "know" is merely the broad acceptance by the majority of the more persuasive, seductive, forcefully-stated fantasies, biases, and self-serving notions of charlatans, hucksters, silver-tongued orators, demagogues, legalists, and fanatical men of Vision who plead their agenda-driven cases so well the great mass can find no prejudices of their own that might adequately combat or refute them.

Ergo, we ACCEPT with vacuous obedience the dictates of the Loudest Voice du Jour, and then "learn" by ROTE, until the next powerful Flimflam Man comes along.

Truth exists, but Truth is a synonym for God, and few have the necessary humility –– or the wisdom –– to trust in anything so "nebulous" and "insubstantial" as THAT. And so Life as little more than The Dance of Death goes on and on and on towards Infinity.

Thersites said...

Language is a social medium. And everything we think we know gets filtered through it. And so G_d and gods take on "personal" characteristics.