Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Descendent

Are these the honors they reserve for me,
Chains for the man who gave new worlds to Spain!
Rest here, my swelling heart! — O kings, O queens,
Patrons of monsters, and their progeny,
Authors of wrong, and slaves to fortune merely!

Why was I seated by my prince's side,
Honor'd, caress'd like some first peer of Spain?
Was it that I might fall most suddenly
From honor's summit to the sink of scandal?
'T is done, 't is done! — what madness is ambition!

What is there in that little breath of men,
Which they call Fame, that should induce the brave
To forfeit ease and that domestic bliss
Which is the lot of happy ignorance,
Less glorious aims, and dull humility? —

Whoe'er thou art that shalt aspire to honor,
And on the strength and vigor of the mind
Vainly depending, court a monarch's favor,
Pointing the way to vast extended empire;

First count your pay to be ingratitude,
Then chains and prisons, and disgrace like mine!
Each wretched pilot now shall spread his sails,
And treading in my footsteps, hail new worlds,
Which, but for me, had still been empty visions.
- Philip Freneau, "Columbus in Chains"


WomanHonorThyself said...

Happy Columbus DAY! xoxoxox not for the lefties consumption..they are too busy blaming and shaming FJ!!

-FJ said...

I hear ya Angel! Happy Columbus Day!

FreeThinke said...

Brave Columbus sailed three ships
_____ into The Great Unknown
__________ to test an untried theory
_______________ hoping to find a shorter route to India.

Instead, he discovered a far greater Treasure
_____ though he may never have known it.

He and his men suffered unimaginable hardship
_____ meeting challenges unlike any since Marco Polo
__________ made his overland trek to find Cathay.

Miraculously he returned to his patron, Queen Isabella
___ Feted at first, he nevertheless, ended up
__________ humiliated, disgraced and imprisoned.

Today, he is again reviled, defamed
_____ and made the victim of base ingratitude
__________ by Political Correctness ––
_______________ Brutal Tyranny's Latest Incarnation.

Brave men of honor and distinction
_____ subject at first to wooing
__________ seem forever destined just to win
_______________ no loving –– only screwing!

~ Santa Maria Ninapinta
(translated from the original Spanish by FT ;-)