Wednesday, October 21, 2015


That greatest thief of all of time
Is erasing my memories.
He comes in unexpectedly
With no thank you or a please.
I labeled them very carefully,
And filed them away in my mind.
I knew they would be there when needed.
They would be so easy to find.
Page after page of my long life
Would be there for a book.
But what has become of those images
And mental notes I took?
Alzheimers slipped into my storage room
And has left everything in a heap.
How could he treat me so cruelly?
Did he do this when I was asleep?
Whose are these faces around me?
I really don't know them at all
And I don't recognize the pictures
That are hanging on my wall.
Why has he hidden my babies?
I'm so sure I can hear them cry.
I look but I cannot find them
No matter how hard I may try.
Please go and find my mama
Everything will be alright.
She knows that I will need her
To tuck me in at night.
I'll just pull up these blankets
And wait for her to come.
Now who is it I'm waiting for?
It's okay, I've found my thumb.
- Joyce Johnson, "Erased Memories"


WomanHonorThyself said...

hope alls well with you FJ! keepin the flame! xoxoxox

-FJ said...

I'm good. Hope all's well with you and yours. Keep on keepin' on, Angel!