Friday, January 8, 2016

Feed Me, Seymore!

I've taken down a write I liked
I put troll heads upon a spike.

But rather than highlight these guys
I've decided that's not wise!

We think we HELP the trollish prey
While we scare new folks away

I just had a conversation
With one of my favorite relations

My bro in law is expert
In handling the ones who hurt

He works as a computer whiz
And here's the advice that he gives

When in doubt, remember, souls,
They love the light...
- SoulSurvivor, "To Write or Not to Write" (8/16/15)


FreeThinke said...

There seems to be an ineluctable desire on the part of too many [I, Alas! have been no exception until recently] to respond rationally, often defensively to offensive comments –– even when we realize the "troll" has no higher purpose than to draw attention to itself.

The most effective punishment would be to ignore it completely –– just freeze it out. Unfortunately, there are far too many who ENJOY thrusting and parrying with these elements. The lengthy dual diatribes that occur take over, and destroy any hope of having a decent conversation.

Sorry to take so long stating the obvious, but, as my late Mama would say, "If thoughts could kill, there wouldn't be a soul alive anywhere on the globe."


Thersites said...

As a troll's troll, so to speak, I love responding to them! RN is a "favorite case" of mine. He's not in ducky's league, so snappy answer to stupid questions best "fill the bill". ;)