Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Social Tensions Baked into Capitalism

There is a tension that exists,
Here between you and I.
Its like a string pulled tight,
Ready to be snap at any moment.
It's forever there,
Taunting both of us.
We try to ignore it,
And pretend that it doesn't exist.
But it's there,
Every time you look at me,
When your eyes lock on mine.
Your words have a double meaning,
As do Mine.
Desperately we try to ignore the tension,
But its only a matter of time.
- Cheyenne, "Tension" (9/17/15)


FreeThinke said...

Polarity (geo-magnetic tension - gravity) is vital to Life, and therefore, to Civilization. Without it everything would frisk about aimlessly and involuntarily; all would leave the face of the earth, disintegrate into scattered particles bumping and colliding into one another without identity or purpose.

Your poet here seems want to regard it as some sort of lurking menace that sooner or later is bound to destroy relationships. A narrow solipsistic view, since relationships would be utterly impossible without tension.

Creativity and the desire to learn and grow are born of tension.

Thersites said...

I thought it best described the class tensions that result from capitalism... ;)

Thersites said...

The "double meanings" (ideologies) result from the inner tension...

just as within the individual develoips "spannungsbogen".