Thursday, May 12, 2016


“A tyrant institutionalises stupidity, but he is the first servant of his own system and the first to be installed within it.”
― Gilles Deleuze, "Difference and Repetition"


FreeThinke said...

I adore despotism, but only as long as I'M the despot.


-FJ said...

It's good to be the king!

FreeThinke said...
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FreeThinke said...


Yes it is, unless you're King CHARLES I of England or Louis XVI of France.

FreeThinke said...

P___U___B___L___I___C ... N___O___T ___I___C___E

WOW! I, the one and only FreeThinke, have FINALLY had MY IDENTITY STOLEN along with my AVATAR!


I take it as a sign of RECOGNITION of Intellectual Superiority and Great Literary Prowess by the imbeciles who think they don't like me –– or what they stupidly imagine I represent –– and those so devoid of intelligence as to imagine they have the knowledge and sufficient wit to be capable of imitating me. };^)>

Thanks, ASSHOLE, whoever you may be, –– as if I gave a good country crap.

Sorry about that, FJ, but I wanted my friends to know about it now that I've been officially counterfeited. So, in case you get any strange messages that don't sound like me, you may be sure I am NOT the one publishing them.

Thersites said...

You are unique FT. It takes more than a propensity to use bold type than to do an passable FT impersonation.

Thersites said...

“A perfect poet should have his ‘breaks’ or rhythmic modulations smooth and sonorous. Those which are the reverse should be learnt, one may say, not to be imitated but to be avoided. Of these latter, as of several others, the parent and originator, we are told, was Archilochus, who showed a talent quite unique for inventing and constructing new metres, and was the first to employ ‘epodes,’ that is, stanzas of a long and a short line, taking a single colon from his metre and putting it underneath; for instance in the heroic with which he begins, e.g. diffugere nives redeunt iam gramina campi , followed by an epode of the same metrical type, arboribusque comae. ” Marius Victorinus Art of Grammar:

Thersites said...

The snows scatter; now grasses return to the fields,
the leaves to trees.
- Horace, "Ode 4.7"

Titan Uranus 2 said...

No man, Aisimides, who bows to the mud-slinging
mob has ever been capable of profound


If, Aisimides, you will attend to the gossip of others,
then you will find in life not very much to enjoy.


A life of doing nothing is good for old men,
especially if they are simple in their ways,
or stupid, or inane in their endless blabber
as old men tend to be.

-Archilochus of Paros

Gert said...


Why am I always wrong, eh?

Looks like WW III will be triggered by... Jamala! Euroshima, something like that...

Next year in Ukraine, Israel can mournfully sing about... the Holocaust!

Next the Irish: Potato Famine!

The possibilities are endless!

Confederates should be invited to sing about State's Rights and the loss of that awful Flag. Why not: gate-crash that party!!

Gert said...

-FJ said...

"This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. "

ps - You're always wrong because just like my wife, "I'm always right!" ;)

-FJ said...

ps - "that awful flag". What do YOU have against a St. Andrew cross? It's ALL over YOUR flag!

Gert said...

No idea why that stuff was blocked: it's about as old as me!

All flags are awful: they all have blood on them! ;-)

Gert said...

You're always wrong because just like my wife, "I'm always right!"

Nah. I'm sure it is Her who wears the pants in your household... you just don't realise it! ;-)

FreeThinke said...

"It is HER who wear the pants ...?"

Tut tut! For shame!

"It is SHE who wears the pants ..." (although knowing Fj as I do, I very much doubt it.)

In future please mind your grammar . ;-)

Gert said...

In future please mind your grammar . ;-)

Poetic liberty, sir.

FreeThinke said...

A lame excuse! I have never detected a scintilla of poetic sentiment in any of your writings –– at least not as you've presented yourself here thus far.

Poetic license is permitted –– in the context of actual poetry –– in order to preserve or enhance formal rhyme schemes or to emphasize regional, comic, purely idiosyncratic or quaint colloquial characteristics.

It's not an excuse to abuse the language "any old which way" whenever one chooses just for the all of it.