Sunday, November 13, 2016

Who's Manufacturing Consent Now?

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FreeThinke said...

Zizek has about him an ENDEARING quality that transcends "intellectualism." For some reason I can't quite figure out, he inspires AFFECTION, if not confidence.

HOWEVER, he nearly lost me on this one first crack out of the barrel when he praised Noam Chomsky –– a person I instinctively DESPISED at FIRST SIGHT before I even heard him open his surly, arrogant, scowling mouth –– and Gertie dear, I didn't even realize he was JeWISH at the time, though that certainly explains a LOT about why even his superficial appearance is so irredeemably REPUGNANT. The brand of leftist thinking that has so hideously mucked up our world these past hundred years is almost SOLELY an invention of JEWISH intellectuals –– twisted, perverted people all who are in truth responsible for the gruesome death, and protracted suffering of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of innocent victims.

At any rate, because Zizek is Zizek and often irresistible, despite his penchant for extreme verbosity, I kept listening, but he's never been WRONGER than he is in this commentary. He's fallen into the same stupid trap that has beclouded the judgment of every other leftist and so-called moderate on the planet by ASSUMING that Mr. Trump is a loathsome, ignorant vulgarian who could appeal ONLY to the uneducated, ill-bred, louts, rednecks, low-class, low-level wage slaves, and ignoramuses that make up far too large a percentage of our population.

I have earned three college degrees, am widely read, have a great appreciation for high culture, adore social and cultural refinement, the trappings of Old World aristocracy, and have numerous distinguished accomplishments to my credit, –– and I have grown to see that Mr. Trump is ANYTHING-BUT the grotesque, uncouth monster the enemedia has taken great pains to try to make us believe he is.

Most who think themselves "educated" today are nothing but a gaggle of arrogant, conceited, bigoted, puffed up COCKTAIL-LOUNGE LIZARDS who vainly imagine they know what's what, because they have high IQ's and went through the dubious process of INDOCTRINATION at one of the universities belonging to the POISON IVY LEAGUE.

When if comes to Mr. Trump and the reason he received such RESOUNDING, WIDESPREAD, VEHEMENTLY-ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORT, Zizek doesn't know his anus from the keyhole to his own front door.