Thursday, February 9, 2017


You were right
There was never reason to worry
Money made your eyesight all blurry
Making lists of pacifists
Recalcitrant poses
Can't you see how dangerous
The one you chose is
Which brings us back to
Might makes right
So we learn from Wars of the Roses
Pain was only fear kneading your toeses

Making haste to spite your face to cut off your noses
Convince yourself and others that these
Fish smell like roses

Can't you see how dangerous
When you're too content to make a fuss
Can't you see how dangerous

Squint your eyes and see
Elephants, sycophants, elephants

Squint your ears and hear red-faced rants
Pleated pants
That's what you are

Can't you see how dangerous
When you're too content to make a fuss
- Andrew Bird, "Sic Of Elephants"
Cultural.Capitalism@itsfinest- "Who ever said that HATE couldn't sell records?"


FreeThinke said...

Why this blatant celebration of depressing Leftist Counterculture Batshit?

It may be ever-so "trendy" among the young, but it's the very LAST thing we need.

Negative thinking begets negative consequences. It feeds on itself, and quickly grows to monstrous proportions.

Lucifer makes Evil alluring, and Good either abhorrent or apparently delusional.

That has been Lucifer's sole raison d'ĂȘtre ever since The Beginning.

RESIST the DEVIL, and he will FLEE from you.

-FJ said...

It's a celebration of Cultural Capitalism... and the "splitting" of a "market" (music) into "overtly" political "segments". At least Bird recognizes the need for "ambiguity/ aimai".