Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why Leftists HATE Trump...

He might change things for the better... demonstrating the vacuity of the Left critique.


FreeThinke said...

Leftists hate Donald Trump, because ... Oh let me count the ways:

1. He sees through the falseness, hypocrisy and rapacoousness.

2. He understand the Power Agenda behind their fake outrage and pseudo- humanitarian rhetoric

3. He's not afraid of them, and stands right up to them by telling the world how dishonest, deceitful, and nasty they are

4. He doesn't respect them, and makes no effort to hide his contempt

5. He threatens their grip on political power

5. He's seized control of the enemedia, the Left's pet propaganda mill, by using Twitter to circumvent their editorial "filters"

7. Single-handedly, he's beaten the Left at their own game

8. He has shown Leftists to be mean-spirited fools without heart or conscience

He also has a great sense of humor something every leftist I've ever known completely lacks when it comes to politics. Like Old King Cole of nursery rhyme fame President Trump is a merry old soul. The two things the Left cannot abide in others are humor and abundant self-confidence.


Because the Left draws its strength from exacerbating other people's misery, weakness, anger, fear, resentment, and longing for revenge against their betters.

President Trump has been a HUUUUUUUGE success. The Left loathes success and successful people, because they derive their power and prestige from punishing success while championing failure.

FreeThinke said...

And I have been guy of writing two sentence with particles dangling egregiously from the rafters. If you spot them, please accept my apologies. I just don't feel like deleting and rewriting 9n order to correct the fault.

The struggle to combat inaccuracy and incoherency in the use of English is unending.

FreeThinke said...



FreeThinke said...

FYI: The horrible, new type of SPELLING CHECKER that came unbidden with my new computer constantly tries to SECOND GUESS me when I make one of my all-too-frequent typos.

Invariably it automatically fills in a "correction" that provides a legitimate word all right, –– but one that makes no sense in the context of whatever it may be I'm trying to say.

I much prefer to correct my errors ON MY OWN thank you very much.

To all the maddening would be a vast understatement.