Friday, April 6, 2018

Embracing Serendipity

When I wanted to fly, after recognizing the light
your smile brought to my heart -- I discovered
my feet weighed me down and I began to melt.
Then, your fingers gingerly graced the side of my chin
I began to believe I could fly again.

“The rain is always full of waiting rainbows,”
you would tell me when I looked out at nowhere
was lost in a thought unconcluded and then . . .
I would discover your smile.

I was not afraid of the sun. Instead, I was drawn
towards the light that suffused my heart
whenever you would start to gently laugh
at the antics of a child, a kendle of kittens,
the pound of puppies spilling over each other.

I would hear the music and begin the dance
and soon enough find myself caught in the wonder of flight.
The magic of everything being right.
Before long, I would find you, right there,
beside me and I knew magic was a song called love.
-Michael Wayne Holland, "Pinion"


FreeThinke said...

Well, for Heaven's sake! My mother was going to name me "Serendipity" if I'd turned out to be girl.

Thersites said...