Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Remembering King Tamanend, May 1st, 2018

"Ask ye for hamlets' peopled bound,
With cone-roof'd cabins circled round?
For chieftans proud- for hoary sire-
Or warrior, terrible in ire!

Ye've seen the shadows quit the vale-
The foam upon the water fail-
The fleeting vapour leave no trace,
Such was their path, that faded race!"

When struggling long, at last with pain
You break a cruel tyrant’s chain,
That never shall be joined again,
When half your foes are homeward fled,
And hosts on hosts in triumph led,
And hundreds maimed and thousands dead,
A sordid race will then succeed,
To slight the virtues of the firmer race,
That brought your tyrant to disgrace,
Shall give your honours to an odious train,
Who shunned all conflicts on the main
And dared no battles on the bloody plain,
Whose little souls sunk in the gloomy day
When virtue only could support the fray
And sunshine friends kept off—or ran away.
-Philip Morin Freneau


Elmers Brother said...

Happy St. Tammany Day Farmer!

-FJ said...

Thanks, elbro! Kawanio che keeteru!


FreeThinke said...
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FreeThinke said...

_____ On St. Tammany's Birthday _____

A shame the name of Tammany’s been linked

With the vilest of politicos named Tweed,

Who ran New York in manner quite distinct

Eschewing never any dirty deed.

The entity still known as Tammany Hall

Shall live in infamy, and so obscures

The truth about its namesake, overall

A noble savage, whose good name endures

Only in the writings of The Sachem,

Neddy, who on Tammany heaped praise.

But kind words today are scarce. We rarely watch ‘em,

Because none restores these days, instead they raze.

Of Tammany, himself, we should think kindly,

Not follow false associations blindly.

~ FreeThinke (2014)

-FJ said...


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Mayday! Mayday!

-FJ said...

Cultural misappropriation, beamish.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Venezuela is buying oil from the USA lol

-FJ said...

5,000 Venezuelans are emigrating to Brazil daily...

Always On Watch said...

Kawanio che keeteru!

I may be on blog break, but I remembered that today is the day that you sing your song.

Thersites said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Warren said...

Kawanio che Keeteru, old friend.

-FJ said...

Thanks Warren! :)

FreeThinke said...

I sang my song deep in the shaded wood
Only the birds, the squirrels, the deer –– and God ––
Were there to hear, and learn just where I stood.
Not one of them gave me the smallest nod.

It didn't matter in the least to me.
I sing because I want to sing, that's all.
I'm grateful to be able to be me.
The forest's fine. I don't need a great hall.

I noticed long ago the goddess Fame
Was in fact a Sham –– a great Deceiver ––
A Lure –– a Siren Call leading to Shame
For one who'd hoped to be a great Achiever.

God's voice they say voice is rarely ever heard
And yet I'm sure He hears our every word.

~ FreeThinke

Beantown AntiFacist said...

Very nice.

Chew-chew chew-chew" and higher still,
"Cheer-cheer cheer-cheer" more loud and shrill,
"Cheer-up cheer-up cheer-up"—and dropped
Low—"Tweet tweet jug jug jug"—and stopped
One moment just to drink the sound
Her music made, and then a round
Of stranger witching notes was heard
As if it was a stranger bird:
"Wew-wew wew-wew chur-chur chur-chur
Woo-it woo-it"—could this be her?
"Tee-rew tee-rew tee-rew tee-rew
Chew-rit chew-rit"—and ever new—
"Will-will will-will grig-grig grig-grig."

- John Clare, "The Progress of Rhyme"