Thursday, January 24, 2019



Franco Aragosta said...

I like this guy. He knows how to laugh at himself –– a quality fast disappearing in our deadly serious, hopelessly literalistic-legalistic GOTCHA! society.

Could our salvation come from SINGAPORE?

Stranger things have happened. After all Jesus Christ, –– The Ultimate Savior of All Mankind ––, was a JEW!

What could possibly be more unlikely than THAT?


-FJ said...

I liked him, too.... but then I like old-fashioned humour.

Franco Aragosta said...

Please don' say "O|d-fashioned "It hs a pejorative ring to it. I much prefer to call it "CLASSIC Humor."

Really good stuff is never out of date no matter how long it's been around.

I guess that's why I hve always had a distinct aversion FADS or anythng labelled "TRENDY."

I must have been born old.


Franco Aragosta said...

He's very witty, but after I listened too all fur minutes I have to admit I didn't car for his Brit-bashing. Every country the Brits took over was vastly imprved by their admittedly domneering presence.

Te Afrian country they left –– and island nations in the Caribbean fell apart and became far less pleasant and far less prosperous after the British left.

The Asians, of course, are generaly more intelligent and better able to take care of themselves than the others, but they too have profited enormously from contact wth the West. They admire us so much, they feel compelled to STEAL EVERYTHNG WE developed and use it to compete unfairly with us.

So much for altruism on an international scale! Nixon was probably wrong to have made contact with the Red Chinese. It afforded them the opportunity to take advantage of us.

Franco Aragosta said...

And what the HELL is ging on with; his TEETH?

Looks like he's got a mouthful of small chips of bituminous COAL

Bad teeth make person desperately unattractive.

Could he be weari[ng BRACES?

Betel nut, perhaps?

-FJ said...

I can't answer the question... sorry. :(