Sunday, January 6, 2019


A Not-so-Hidden Message from Donald Supporters to the Never-Trumpers...


Franco Aragosta said...

How about TRUMP OY!?


Franco Aragosta said...

__________THE UNHOLY TRINITY __________

_________ A Mourning Meditation _________

When next you must excrete, please take the time
To gaze upon the contents of the bowl.
You will see there the Naked Face of Crime ––
The Devil’s version of The Trinity ––
A monstrous, odious, vile, tri-partite Whole
Whose stench persists into Infinity.
For Evil stalked and plagued us in The Garden
Tempting us to sacrifice our Soul
For the pleasure of the Nether Region’s Warden.
You will, of course, be eager quick to flush
Away the proof that Hell, indeed, exists,
And yet, like an inebriated lush
A self-destructive passion persists:

~ Norman Bardstein

Franco Aragosta said...



More and more these days
___ I find myself sincerely wishin'
Our kids would aim to be a builder,
___ plumber, or 'lectrician ––
Or groundsman who trims hedges, bushes,
__ mows and weeds the grass).
Better that than Jewish, Black,
___ Female or Queer Studies
Is the gal who cooks and cleans
___ while her mate drinks with his buddies.
After he works his butt off collecting
___ other peoples' trash
He deserves a nice clean home,
___ good food, and a place to crash,
An eager warm wet pussy there
___ to meet his carnal needs,
And kids he loves and cares for
__ striving even if he bleeds.
Better to be a farmer milking cows
___ and cleaning stables
Than to study at a college where each course
___ your mind disables.

... FreeThinke

-FJ said...

...vocational training was defunded in many states. In Harford County, there's Harford VoTech, a dedicated vocational school (the other county schools offer no vocational courses). Of course, they entirely defeat the purposes of vocational school, as one must have a high B average to attend VoTech… (indicating one has college potential). What's the average C student left in future to do but fail?

Franco Aragosta said...

Frankly, I lng for the revivl of the APPRENTICESHIP method of job training in the develoment of practical, much needed, mechanical, technical and custodial skills.

Increasing CENTRALIZATION and mndatory STAN>DARDiZATION of ALL kind has acted as the Curse of the Modern World.

We ARE individuals. We ar NOT made to b mere cogs in machinery that is so vast and so overbearing that it defies human comprehension.

We can' go "back," of course, but we MUST find better ways of approaching the future than continuing with those that have worked to shrivel the Human Soul and defeat the Human Spirit since the onslaught of the Machine Age.

Franco Aragosta said...


NEWSFLASH! Something IMPORTANT has come in that MUST be dealt with RIGHT AWAY:

Congress needs to launch full scale federal investigation into the growing spate of accusations that President Trump is in fct a MOTHERFUCKER.

There is a crying need need to find whatever evidence may be left that could prove that Trump actaly DID fuck his mother

The machinery that moves the nation will be held in abeyance until we do,

It's very important to secure the future health and strength of this nation to uncover the TRUTH when accusations like this get widely disseminated in the channels of public commu[nication.


Ony the lady in question could know for sure, and she's long gone, but it's VITALLY important that we a least do everythng in our power to TRY to disover the FACTS in this case.

IS Presiden Trump a MOTHERFUCKER, or is that just an idle rumor generated by the ever-turning wheels of the Enemedia's Propaganda Mill?

Inquiring minds MUST know.

Please pray that the TRUTH about the president's alleged MOTHERFUCKING will be revealed soon. We can't possibly go on with the naton's busiess until we KNOW one way or the other.

I think everyone on both sides of the aisle would agree that we CAN"T allow a MOTHERFUCKER to continue serving as our president. It would be MOST unseemly!

Joe Conservative said...

Yes, Franco, we agree. We need to stop allowing bureaucrats to "define" the issues for us, lest we need investigate every mother-f'er on the planet.

Franco Aragosta said...

Motherfucking [I'm sorry but i INSIST on spellng it out in its entirety! - no shrunking violet of hypocritical propriety ] is a VERY serious business, Joe.

The charges MUST be thoroughly nvestiated, and when the president's complete innocence has been established, those who've falsely accused him of this heinous crime must be thrown in jail, torture,, mutilated, hanged, drawn, quartered, stomped, dismembered and boiled in oil a tje Capitol Steps –– on NATIONAL Tee Vee!

We've got to teach these goddam fuckin' Muzzies and fuckn' uppity niggers to keep their goddam fuckin' MOUTHS shut or PAY the CONSEQUENCES.

If i were President Trump I'd give orders to start constructing New Dachau and New Auschwitz immediately.