Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dealing the Jack of ALL Trades


FreeThinke said...

Was ist daß?

GERMANS singing with a Back of the Bayou country boy accent crossed with Negro Dialect?

Sounds like he has a mouthful of very hot mashed potatoes.

Ain't nuffin' quat lack de "Mercan Kuntry whinin' drone sayound, is there?

Odd hap to git myself parful drunk befo' Ah could take more'n five minutes ob dat.

Thersites said...

He's an Aussie or Anzac.

He just looks German.

Dr. Gosnell, Abortionist Extraordinaire! said...

Beside, da mahn need one akodian.

FreeThinke said...

An AUSSIE! Well, who'dathunkit?



At least it's not Hip Hop Slop, but ti IS WEEEEEEEEEIRD.

PS: What's an ANZAC?

Thersites said...

Shorthand for Australia/New Zealand region.