Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Divide et Impera!

"dividual"—a physically embodied human subject that is endlessly divisible and reducible to data representations via the modern technologies of control, like computer-based systems.
Richard Lindner, "Double Portrait" (1965)


FreeThinke said...

______ A Femme Fatale Reformed _______

Her comments were really quite ane,
Though her morals were known to maculate.
She was sipid and sidious and sane
But mune to the comments quite draculate

Which trilled that her conduct was peccable.
She thought her behavior quite ferior
But flagrante delicto is wreckable
E'en to those who believe they are superior.

For a time this domitable daughter
Insisted on staying cognito
Her hibitions flowed freely as water
From Montauk to Sausoleto.

The results of this all were too effable
Her friends forgot she was ane
They thought she was merely laughable
Which caused her considerable pain.

"Enough of this!" she said one night
THe future still is evitable
I haven't yet begun to fight
To prove I'm not a vegetable

So petuously did this dam-ned dame
Set out in search of iquity
To make her imical once again
For righteous ubiquity

Now that she's become dolent, they're dignant.
She's just a dividual now,
But free from the scarlet pigment
That once stained her ferior brow.

~ FreeThinke (1963)

FreeThinke said...

Mr. Lidner, the artist, is very clever, but he certainly owes an awful lot to Picasso, doesn't he?

-FJ said...

I'm not a fan. I chose his work to illustrate this piece because it best illustrates the nature of the animated partial object... of man reduced to mere parts and a life reflective of that division.... and not of a sum greater than all of its' parts as may have been the case in ages past.

-FJ said...

ps - I love what you did to the neutered prefixes, above. :)

-FJ said...

erratum - "Neutering" above