Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jawas! Sound then Raise/Raze Your Idols!

h/t - Gert
Under your name
People clean their sins
Covering veil of decadence

Idols without masks
All the time rise and fall

I talked to Nietzsche
One late November night
And he still believes in Superman

Today saint to divinity
Tomorrow ruthlessly defiled
Satan old fashioned idol

I wish to Nietzsche goodbye
Night revolves on fog scratch
Zarathustra will preach tomorrow

Age of idols have died
God is hiding behind the scenes.
- Ilire Zajmi, "Idols"

Life in the Faustian Age


Gert said...

Thanks for the H/T (I feel honoured, for sure).

I'll keep my other comments where they belong.

Nite, nite.

-FJ said...

Just giving credit where credit is due.


-FJ said...

Never would have seen the vid w/o your pointing it out.

Gert said...

The vid is definitely pre-MTV ;-) but I still love the track.