Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Spirit of Antigone

I will not urge you! no! nor if now you list
To help me, will your help afford me joy.
Be what you choose to be! This single hand
Shall bury our lost brother. Glorious
For me to take this labour and to die!
Dear to him will my soul be as we rest
In death, when I have dared this holy crime.
My time for pleasing men will soon be over;
Not so my duty toward the Dead! My home
Yonder will have no end. You, if you will,
May pour contempt on laws revered on High.
- Sophocles, "Antigone"


FreeThinke said...

Is Antigone a synonym for Proremain, or is there a subtle difference between the two? ;-)

Thersites said...

Antigone - daughter of Oedipus, her name may mean "in place of a mother" in Greek, from anti- "opposite, in place of" (see anti-) + gone "womb, childbirth, generation," from root of gignesthai "to be born" related to genos "race, birth, descent" (see genus).

I don't know who "Proremain" was/means.

Thersites said...