Sunday, November 8, 2015


"The data for any situation is infinite. So what you do is, you go through the motions of thinking about what you will do about this. But worriers are people, who think of all the variables beyond their control of what might happen. Choice is the act of hesitation we make before making a decision."


FreeThinke said...


Quite honestly, polygamy 
Is all over the Bible.

To say the ancients lived like beasts 
Isn’t any libel.

There's little thought or talk of love, 

Since women were just chattel.

Men were free to fornicate, 

While girls were bred like cattle.

There is no way that we can say

What's best for everyone.

What's right for me might poison thee

Or take away your fun.

Oh how I wish we could be free

To live life as we choose,

And cease all consternation

Over other peoples' views!

~ FreeThinke

WomanHonorThyself said...

Bless you FJ! hope u had a great weekend its beautiful in NYC!!

-FJ said...

Thanks Angel! The weather wasn't all that great down here in Baltimore, but it was tome off.... :)

FreeThinke said...

Don't Miss Tonight's Republican Debate on FOX's Business Channel 7:00 PM. EST

-FJ said...

Oh, I'll definitely miss it. I don't have a dog in the race other than "Not Jeb".

FreeThinke said...

While I would agree that ANY ONE of the multitude of Republican would-be candidates would do a MUCH better job than the current crowd who has turned the White House into the Monkey House in a poorly run ZOO, I am, nevertheless, intensely interested to see how each one reacts and to interacts with both their Inquisitors AND each other.

The last debate under CNBC's Tribunal of attack dogs has been officially deemed a catastrophe, but I don't see it that way at all. I thought it was WONDERFUL the way Senator Cruz and Governor Christie turned the tables on those arrogant leftist bastards and gave them what for. Facts and figures mean little to me, because facts can be selected and easily be manipulated to obscure or distort the truth, and the old saw "Figures don't lie, but liars figure" is a cliché running truer than ever.

I'm a BIG Demeanor and Bearing kind of guy. Body language, tone of voice, use of language, style of delivery, tell a lot more about someone than a mere literal rendering of whatever words they may have used.

Joe Conservative said...

I hear you. I used to like Christie for his ability to push back, but after hurricane Sandy, he lost me in the resulting pork-barrel scramble for money. Cruz is sharp, but his wife is pure Wall Street. So I see flaws in all the candidates and don't really care much who gets the nomination. And I'm anti-Jeb because a change is needed, and the "socialist" change is a wrong turn (ala Venezuela).

Joe Conservative said...

Zizek is right about the Socialists (like Bernie). All they are is "cynics" looking to turn make "capitalism with a human face" work for themselves.