Tuesday, December 22, 2015

...but for Britain

I think continually of those who were truly great.
Who, from the womb, remembered the soul's history
Through corridors of light where the hours are suns
Endless and singing. Whose lovely ambition
Was that their lips, still touched with fire,
Should tell of the Spirit clothed from head to foot in song.
And who hoarded from the Spring branches
The desires falling across their bodies like blossoms.

What is precious is never to forget
The essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs
Breaking through rocks in worlds before our earth.
Never to deny its pleasure in the morning simple light
Nor its grave evening demand for love.
Never to allow gradually the traffic to smother
With noise and fog the flowering of the spirit.

Near the snow, near the sun, in the highest fields
See how these names are feted by the waving grass
And by the streamers of white cloud
And whispers of wind in the listening sky.
The names of those who in their lives fought for life
Who wore at their hearts the fire's center.
Born of the sun they traveled a short while towards the sun,
And left the vivid air signed with their honor.
-Stephen Spender, "I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great"


FreeThinke said...

_________ TO INTELLIGENCE _________

The dreary world becomes exhilarating
Once an eagerness to know prevails.
Imagination moves debilitating
Non-essentials far. On golden sails

The soul may soar free from Fear’s embrace.
Erratic and erotic fancies melt,
Liquefy, then dry, and leave no trace.
Love without the taint of lewdness felt

Impels towards a blissful, trance-like state,
Glowing, warming, healing, energizing,
Endlessly enjoying all that’s great,
Novel, brilliant, filled with depth, realizing

Coarse temptations beastly and exotic
Empty us, then lead toward the psychotic.

~ FreeThinke

-FJ said...

“as in Heinrich Heine’s (a contemporary of Kierkegaard’s) well-known saying that one should value above everything else ‘freedom, equality and crab soup’. ‘Crab soup’ stands here for all the small pleasures in the absence of which we become (mental, if not real) terrorists,”

― Slavoj Žižek, Event: Philosophy in Transit

-FJ said...

“God’s recounting of the wonders of nature can be seen in one of two ways. One possibility is that the immensity of the natural world, in its merciless indifference, has nothing to do with the concerns of human beings. The desert does not care if you pray, and the rushing cataract will not pause for pity. Nature shows its blank, grand face to us, and we are nothing. Indeed Job recants of his protest, proclaiming ‘for I am but dust and ashes.’ … But gradually we see that each image, from the cell to the cosmos, is not only grand, it is beautiful. The second half of the quote from Job, how the morning stars sing, reminds us that the appreciation of wonder and beauty is also possible. We may lose our ego in nature’s indifference, but we may also lose it in nature’s magnificence. Do we see the world as heartless or as sublime? The drama of our life and death is fleeting, but it is played out on a stage of unparalleled wonder.”

― Slavoj Žižek, Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept

FreeThinke said...

The Leftist-Materialist sees the world as heartless, hostile, punitive, daunting and insufferably unfair –– a gigantic THREAT

The Man of Faith sees Creation as sublime, and serves to view each challenge as an OPPORTUNITY to learn, to grow and to move closer to a more perfect understanding of God.



-FJ said...

Merry Christmas! Now go eat some crab soup! ;)