Sunday, February 21, 2016

F*ck Hope!


FreeThinke said...

What is YOUR understanding of the phenomenon they're calling "SUPER DELEGATES?"

Apparently, this fairly recent invention of the ever-scheming De-MOCK-rats (;-) is designed to THWART The Will of the People by cleverly undermining Majority Rule.

I think the country ought to discuss, flay alive, dissect, scrutinize, and hopefully DEFEAT this D'Rat machination by having it declared unconstitutional.

What's "constitutional" these days, you ask? Apparently anything a shitting president and the Supreme Cunt want to SAY it is. The definition of constitutionality has become as fluid as the blood seeping from a fresh Islamist cutlass wound on the Body Politic.

What do YOU think, –– and more important –– what do you KNOW ––, about the existence of SUPER DELEGATES and the effect they have on our electoral process?

FreeThinke said...

And by the way, just as a point of interest, what the hell is Nuh-VADD-uh?

Could this be the new Politically Correct pronunciation of the place I have known for 75 years as Nuh-VAH-duh, or Ne-VODD-a?

Just another of myriad incidences of TELE-URINALISM forcing us to our knees and forcing us to accept THEIR version of how whatever ought to be said and done.

The CURSE of MASS COMMUNICATION, controlled and disseminated from a CENTRAL SUPPLY SOURCE, could not possibly be underestimated.

-FJ said...

Superdelegates are the Establishment's "thumb" on the political process.

Nevada was 10,000 Democrats expressing their opinions.

FreeThinke said...

Carlin, since bis demise, seems to have become something of darling to the Right.

Surely he was anything-but a "Conservative" while he lived? One would think his, unkempt, grubby appearance, vulgar parlance and pugnacious iconoclasm would preclude that possibility?

Of course thanks to the hugely degenerative power of Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll –– the dismal, demoralizing nature of the SICK-sties counterculture –– even "Conservatives" are not conservative anymore.

The world moves on, but I'd prefer to die sooner and alone rather than move with it.

Thersites said...

It's the Libertarian streak that runs through the Right, not Conservatism, that Carlin appeals to.