Thursday, February 18, 2016

Radical Grace


FreeThinke said...

OFF-TOPIC, I know, but I think IMPORTANT:


Did anyone bother to look at Trump's "Town Hall Meeting" on MSNBC last night? It was fascinating. Virtually NO ONE, including the moderators, –– who were unusually friendly, even deferential to The Donald –– was able to get a word in edgewise.

It was ALL Donald, ALL the time.

My GOD, what a motormouth!

Rarely, has so much non-stop verbiage contained so little information or intelligent analysis.

I felt myself feeling, even as I sat in the comfort of my den, that all the oxygen was being rapidly pumped out of the room.

Mr. Trump TALKS, –– OH how he talks! –– but does he ever LISTEN?

I often feel that way when when Big Bully O'Reilly stages "interviews" with his "guests," none of whom is EVER allowed to finish even a single sentence.

The only defense against asphyxiation is either to CHANGE CHANNELS, or LEAVE the ROOM.

-FJ said...

Sounds almost like an Obama Press Conference.

Gert said...

That was interesting, thanks.

Thersites said...