Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Football Player's Lives Matter

...especially Muslim ones!


FreeThinke said...

People like Colin Kaepernick are the moral equivalent of internet trolls.

We should know by now that the best way to deal with trolls, –– aside from having blog owners zealously ZAP team into Oblivion ––, is to IGNORE them, right?

Since very few seem able to avoid responding to trolls, they continue to proliferate and thrive.

On focusing so much attention on this aberrant Kaepernick character the ENEMEDIA is very much at fault for ENABLING, MAGNIFYING and even GLORIFYING his nose-thumbing approach to public communication, it is THEY who deserve the lion's share of blame for Kaepernick's illegitimate rise to fame.

Thersites said...

The media is our biggest problem. They "focus" upon all the wrong things.

Thersites said...

ps - Did you see the link below the last video. It reveals Kaepernicks actual motives, one the mainstream press refuses to consider (for it would reveal how well they are being "played").

FreeThinke said...

On this we appear to be in agreement, Thersites. };^)>