Sunday, September 4, 2016

Off-shored America Job - Homeless American Worker


FreeThinke said...

You and SilverFiddle ought to get together and have yourselves a good cry while you marinate in this O WOE'S ME, POOR ME! genre:

I lost my job
I lost my home
I lost my wife and kids
Now I'm forever forced to roam
Because I've hit the skids.

I'm hungry and I'm tired
And feelin' mighty sore.
'Cause the Rich Man got me fired,
That made my wife a whore.
So now I'm sick an' tired
"cause i cain't live no more.

My kids don't want to know me
'Cause I'm nothin' anymore.
I cain't give them no pony
Or let them in the door.

O Woe is me! Woe is me!
The future don't look good,
The Rich Man got me fired,
So I had to leave the 'hood.

Turned out of my own door.
I'm hungry sick and tired,
The Rich Man got me fired
An' I cain't live no more.

-FJ said...

...and perhaps you can get yourself a good high-paying job as a Walmart Greeter for the coming Christmas Season! :)

FreeThinke said...

Oh NO! I've already agreed to play Santa Claus for them, and for the Salvation Army too.

The trouble is both jobs require me to give away my OWN money!!!! (;-o

HO HO HO !–––– NOT!