Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday and today
I thought very differently.
I thought I was
becoming too wise.
I thought I was
becoming almost unwise.

I thought I was trapped
in a labyrinth of calculations.
Everyday weighing everyone
With a measuring stick
of past deeds, misdeeds
I found no one was perfect.

Everyone I found defective
Undependable, selfish.
Thinking this way everyday
I found I was becoming lifeless.

I thought I needed people to talk,
People to have a chat.
They need not be very perfect
They need only be people.
I felt an urge to meet a friend,
a relative or just anyone
Just someone to talk to me.

So keeping away all reasons aside
day before yesterday
I visited a friend
To day again visited a relative.
Now I'm feeling comfortable
now I feel I'm
coming back to my life again.
- Palas Kumar Ray

1 comment:

FreeThinke said...

Not unpleasant, but still rather insipid.

Maybe it loses some vital spark in translation?