Sunday, June 4, 2017

European Turning Points


FreeThinke said...

So lovely to hear the lovely clear lyric soprano Sarah Brighten at the beginning of Time to Say Goodbye, but too soon after Andrea Boccelli enters, the arrangement starts to become muddy, bombastic and increasingly vulgar. Not Boccelli's fault. The arranger got carried away with hyped up quasi-mlitaristic trrumpery which spoils the poignancy of the piece.

Yes Europe, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries are busily preparing ro say "goodbye" once and for all to their unique identities and every trace of their former glory –– as the bitter, ignorant blacks, the gooks, the wogs, the Jews, the Marxists, and Islamaniacs move in for the kill –– and all concerned are so deluded as to think of it as "PROGRESS!"

Hugo Wolf's Lebewohl, as sung by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, would have been a more appropriate selection for this sad spectacle, but few if any even know of its existence –– a potent sign, itself, of the decay and cultural degeneration that has overtaken us.

Here is Schwarzkopf with Wilhelm Furtwangler at the piano (1953)

And again with Dietrich Fischer-Doeskau and Gerald Moore (1957)

FreeThinke said...

Sarah BRIGHTMAN! ßorry!