Saturday, July 1, 2017

In Praise of "Deep State" Socialism

"The problem with Stalin's bureaucracy is that it wasn't bureaucratic enough!"


FreeThinke said...

I winder how many who've enjoyed the film have been aware that the dramatic mysic in this seen is called The Storm Cloud Cantata, a secular choral composition with orchestral accompaniment by Australian composer Arthur Benjamin?

Hitchcock chose the same piece for his second version of the film which I like less than the first, but only because I think Edna Best was far better suited to the mother's role than Doris Day whose cutesy little version of Que Sera Sera at an unbearably tense moment in the film has always caused me to feel acute embarrassment.

At any rate ever since 1956 I've wanted to hear The Storm Cloud Cantata in its entirety. I hope YouTube will sopply me with that chance. We'll soon see ...

FreeThinke said...

As for Freedom from External Rule I cherish the belief that a person can still be free, even under oppressive external conditions, IF his mind has become well acquainted with the best in Art, Literature, Poetry, Music, Drama, Architecture and Gardening.

"How could that be?" you ask.

Not hard, because ALL those wonderful things started wth a Dream, a Vision, an unbearable Longing, the Germ of an Original Idea in someone's fertile mind. That means it can ve RECREATED in much the same way it came to be in the first place.

"But Peter, how could WE ever get to Neverland?" the Darling children asked.

"It's easy," Peter replied. "Just close your eyes, turn 'round and 'round, think of lovely things, and UP WE'LL GO into the air to FLY there."

He didn't add, "but you have to BELIEVE it will happen, or it won't work," but in the Darling childrens' case he didn't need to. ;-)

FreeThinke said...

Without Fantasy Reality would be unbearable.

Without Yearning Fulfillment would be impossible.

"If Ye would enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must become like a little child."

Npne of that is poppycock, but its o[posite most certainly is just that –– poppycock.

-FJ said...

I watched both versions of the film today. I agree, Day's singing is "cringe-worthy"

-FJ said...