Wednesday, July 11, 2018

LOL! Britain Still Imagines Itself Relevant on the Global Trade Stage...

The Coming Global Trade Reality

...or aka, "I hate to inform you of this Europe, but post-WWII economic conditions are history."


Franco Aragosta said...

Vulgar little bastard, ain't he? A regular little sewermouth he is.

As Queen Victoria, England's last true monarch, was known to have said on various occasions:


Franco Aragosta said...

I refuse to take seriously anyone who claims anyone is "TASKED" with doing anything whatsoever. The despicable practice of using nouns as verbs and vice versa must be resisted in every possible way.

Our Civilization and our culture erode peopertionately as our language usage degenerates.

Franco Aragosta said...

So, no one wants to play, eh?

Oi suppose Oi ought to pick up me mabbles and gaow 'ome then?

One-soided repartee's a nawful baw.

jez said...

you could take a look at this, but you won't like it.

Franco Aragosta said...

Ugh! The air has become thick with the noxious scent of stale statist flatulence.

Isn't it time to change the topic?

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