Thursday, September 10, 2015

Alone Time

Some days aren’t made for sharing
They’re meant for self alone
These times brook no intrusion
I hold them for my own

I have the need within me
to seek a private space,
somewhere I’m happy by myself
confronted by no human face

My friends all understand me
They’re hurt not by my flight,
but respect my wish for freedom
as my undisputed right
And when indulgent isolation
has once again fulfilled
my need for such seclusion,
and my sense of self has healed
Then I’ll emerge from cloister
and conform once more to life
refreshed from my alone-ness
and equipped to cope with strife.
-Jaye Denman, "Paean to Solitude"


FreeThinke said...

Reminds me of the nice, easygoing old tunes we used to play on jukeboxes when I was a kid. Shades of Bea Wain, Helen O'Connell, Jo Stafford, Patti Page, and Theresa Brewer.

Not much substance, but at least it doesn't smell like a latrine and make you feel you're being run over by a speeding train. ;-)

Jaye Denman said...

You did not ask my permission to use my poem (lifted from HubPages where I published it online) and I did not give you my permission. HubPages Administration notified me that my content has been stolen. Unfortunately, it looks as though you've been using it without permission since September 10, 2015. My creative writing on HubPages is copyrighted material and is not available for people to help themselves freely. Please remove it now, or I will send you, Blogspot administration, and Google a notice of copyright infringement.
Jaye Denman