Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sewer Suites

It's dirty down in the gutter
With the perverts and the nutters

And you just do everything
Lower and lower it you brings

The lowest things normal are
You're giving blow jobs in their cars

You take it all you smile and laugh
As they stick it up your arse

And sometimes you're having fun
The drugs and sex make you come

It's nice to sink so low
The perversion grows and grows

But then the hang over it strikes
Your fucked and tired an empty life

But with the drugs back in your veins
You start it all up again

Your pimp he smiles and he knows
And down and down you do go

When your down there's no way out
Though sometimes you do scream and shout

Open wide and come again
Now the devil is your friend

Your pimp he knocks you about
You love it as you scream and shout

Down and out you're down and out


FreeThinke said...

Shades of Kurt Weill –– again.,

FreeThinke said...

The background music of Advanced Nihilism on the March.

Inspector AIPac said...

Well, one has to admit, all is not well in our American "paradise".

FreeThinke said...

_________ Deafening Decay _________

Delight to some, to others desecration
Eradicating every single chance
At peaceful, soul-enriching contemplation
Fostering the hope for sweet romance.
Ears and mind, instead, sit stunned –– assaulted.
Noxious noise befouls the atmosphere
In throbbing pseudo-ecstasy exalted
Neutralizing all that’s clean and clear.
Ground out tones smacking of self-pity
Degrade the mise en scene where they appear,
Erasing what’s not grubby, gross or gritty
Catering, instead, to our worst fears.
Aggravation never ceasing breeds
Yammering lemmings aping Satan’s leads.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

Of course, all is not well, Inspector, and that is PRECISELY why I am adamantly determined to remain an ANACHRONISM –– a living fossil, as it were.

I refuse to allow myself to be swept away in the tsunami of shit, piss, vomit and sewer gas that comprises Popular Culture.

At the risk of sounding unspeakably trite I will say once again, "I'd much prefer to be alone than in bad company."

Speedy G said...

If it weren't for bad (at times) company, humans would have no company at all.