Sunday, September 13, 2015

We closed our eyes and have simply shut up!


FreeThinke said...

Interesting! A celebration of decadence reminiscent and almost worthy of Kurt Weill –– The Threepenny Opera and The City of Mahagonny –– until it lapses into the incessant, inconclusive repetition so characteristic of "modern" Pop Music for the past fifty-odd years.

Inspector AIPac said...

...and by a former Iranian national, no less.

FreeThinke said...

_________ Musical Toilets

Mistaken notions in the world abound ––
Unheard of at the time when I was born.
Surrounded –– soaked –– in crass, unwanted sound
I’m buried –– suffocated –– and forlorn.

Consciousness invaded by loud static ––
Ambushed –– conquered –– isolated –– snuffed ––
Languishes while Coarseness brays ecstatic.
The mind can’t thrive when with distractions stuffed ––

Over-filled –– with poisonous temptations
Instigating sullenness engaged
In assertive, mulish non-participation
Erupting just when pointlessly enraged.

The times have changed; they have become deranged.
Silence, from our world’s become estranged.

~ FreeThinke

Speedy G said...

Kurt Weill was popular in Germany in the twenties/early thrities and America through the forties...

Speedy G said...

Seem's that "the times" have changed little. Only our "memories" of them have "changed".

FreeThinke said...

Rx for Modern Life

From near and far

Come burn the Bra

Ban the Car

Eliminate all trace of tar.

Cleanse the earth

Of all Mirth

Live with Dearth

It has great worth.

The Rule by Ass

One day shall pass

Oil is crass,

So just smoke grass.

Set the tone

Whine and moan

Frown and groan

Cut to the bone

All traces of Modernity

Let's return to Savagery

In that way we shall all be free

To serve The Earth eternally.

Utter no ifs, ands or buts
Salvation lies in Going Nuts!

~ FreeThinke