Friday, March 4, 2016

Bang Bang Maxwell!

Bring back the Pataphysical!


FreeThinke said...

I once knew an entertainer. Her stage name was Bang Bang McCann. She worked part time as a waitress at Zum Zum, performed in Burlesque, and did specialty acts at private parties for extra cash.

Poor Bang Bang! She was supposed to jump out of cake at Donald Trump's bachelor party, but her cake got delivered to the convent attached to St. Patrick's Cathedral instead.

Imagine her chagrin when she burst out of the cake attired in nothing but tasseled pasties and a g-string, then found herself confronted by a bunch of nuns all busily saying the Rosary!

The nuns, being good Christian virgins, were very kind, of course, and soon had Bang Bang modestly covered in a spare habit. Before they put her in cab –– paid for by the parish, I'll have you know –– they fed Bang Bang an excellent dinner, then sent her off with nary a hint of a scolding.

I never heard what happened at the Trump event, but I'm sure it's better left unsaid.

Thersites said...

An altar boy jumped out of Trump's cake?