Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Escaping Creon's Labyrinth

I would lie,
almost pathologically.
I would change myself because I wanted to be with you so much that
I would omit and stretch the truth.

But then I found out that I couldn't find myself in this labyrinth of lies that I had made.
I was lost inside my own maze.
- ICN, "Inescapable Labyrinths" (2015)


FreeThinke said...

Once we discover the lure of unbridled sensuality
Or the false promise that great riches will free us
___ from the burden of our humanity,
We do, indeed, wander into an ever-more-perplexing
___ and ultimately terrifying maze of our own devising,
Till ultimately we fall exhausted, –– depleted ––, and expire
___ amid rapidly growing thorns
That tear the putrefying flesh from our sorry remains,
___ while slowly obliterating every trace of our once-promising existence.

~ FreeThinke

Thersites said...

Thank you for that thoughtful poem, FT!